Westman Steel: SNAP-LOK Residential Roofing Profile

Beautifully Rugged | Snap-Lok Steel Roofs Have Everything Covered

When it’s time for a new roof, you don’t have to choose between good looks and good value. Introducing the new Snap-Lok pre-painted metal roof system from WESTMAN STEEL. In addition to enhanced protection and durability, a Snap-Lok roof merges modern aesthetics with the strength of steel for a lifetime of affordable beauty. And, it will actually increase the real value of your home – no other roofing products even come close.

Architectural Beauty in 13 Colours – All of Them ”Green”

From classic Black to the nouveau elegance of Heron Blue, Snap-Lok offers an eclectic palette of 13 designer colours, making it easy to complement the aesthetics of any size or style of home and its surroundings. Environmentally, steel is the most recycled building material in the world, and the steel used to manufacture Snap-Lok panels already contains a high content of reclaimed steel. Since these panels are also totally recyclable, a Snap-Lok roof is much more environmentally friendly than conventional roofing materials.

Made in Canada to Withstand Canadian Weather

Only Canadians understand Canadian winters. That’s why, in addition to offering the strength and longevity of steel, Snap-Lok roof panels are pre-finished with extremely durable, colourfast, weather-resistant paints that protect against the grueling cold, wind and ice of Canadian winters. Even better, in summer these same special paints will reflect heat to help keep your house cooler inside.

Lighter and Stronger to Last Much Longer – Guaranteed!

Because steel won’t shrink, crack, erode, or deteriorate like other roofing materials, a Snap-Lok roof is virtually maintenance-free for the life of the product; and with the WESTMAN limited 40-year paint warranty, that’s a long, long time. Available in 26 or 24 gauge steel, WESTMAN’s new Snap-Lok Roofing Panels are also much lighter and more durable than other roofing materials, to withstand the extremes of Canadian weather.

Snap-Lok | Simply a Better Solution

Snap-Lok roofing panels are manufactured using full-sized roll formers, resulting in a superior quality panel. For a more contemporary appearance, Snap-Lok offers a truly hidden fastener panel; and our new designs have pre-punched fastener slots and a bolder, stronger rib (with a flat crown atop the main rib) to ensure easy installation of panels and trims every time!

Superior Quality Control

  • Factory produced in a controlled environment.
  • Protective tape on overlap for shipping protection.

Snap-Lok | A Palette of Natural Colours

QC 8306

Melcher’s Green
QC 8307

QC 8262

Stone Grey
QC 8305

Metro Brown
QC 8228

Whistler Green (New)
QC 8093

QC 8326

Dark Red
QC 8250

Heron Blue
QC 8330

Dark Brown
QC 8229

Tile Red
QC 8269

Buckskin (New)
QC 9202

Copper Penny (New)
QC 8029

In addition to the range of standard colours above, prepainted Snap-Lok steel roofs panels can also be ordered in custom colours to create new colour schemes that coordinate with siding or trim. Re-painting may also lengthen the life cycle of the steel roof, further reducing long-term life cycle costs.

Custom colours and gauges are also available on a project by project basis. Snap-Lok profile is also available in Galvalume finish.

Guaranteed to last

All Snap-Lok panels are protected by WESTMAN STEEL’s limited 40-year paint warranty.

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