Westman Steel: Installation Guide Storage

Upon receipt of your roofing panels, store them in a well ventilated, dry location.

Rain or condensation can be drawn between the stacked sheets where it can cause premature failure of the protective coating, cause water stains, or white rust. Trapped moisture, between pre painted metal, can also cause white rust to form underneath the paint finish, causing paint blisters, or paint to fake off immediately or over time.

Do not store panels in direct contact with the ground. Ensure the panels are adequately supported and elevated off the ground, preferably with a slope to allow water to drain.

Cover panels with a waterproof cover spaced off the panels to allow air movement. Never cover panels in plastic, as this will encourage condensation to form.

Prolonged storage of panels in a lift is not recommend. If longer than 4 weeks, after receipt of your order, the lift should be opened and the panels inspected.

Store panels inside if possible

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