Westman Steel: Installation Guide Handling

  • Upon receiving material, please check your Receiving Report against the Bill of Lading for shortages and damage. Please notify Westman Steel of any discrepancies as soon as possible. Westman Steel will not be responsible for shortages or damage unless they are noted on the Bills of Lading.
  • Handle all bundle/lift/skid/crate’s and individual panels with care to avoid damage.
  • Each bundle/lift/skid/crate is to be lifted at its centre of gravity, with your forks evenly spread as much as possible.
  • If possible, each bundle/lift/skid/crate should not be opened, or un-banded, until it is staged in a convenient location adjacent to the portion of building it is being applied to. If it is to be moved, each bundle/lift/skid/crate should be re-banded prior to doing so.
  • When lifting a bundle/lift/skid/crate with a crane, a spreader bar is recommended if available. Use nylon straps, and never use wire rope, or chain, as they will damage the panels.
  • When moving each bundle/lift/skid/crate, please drive slowly in rough terrain to prevent the panel buckling.
  • Each sheet should be lifted from its bundle/lift/skid/crate. Never drag a panel as this will cause to the next sheet.
  • During installation, panels should be carried on edge to prevent buckling.
  • If sheets are longer than 10′, each panel should be carried by 2 people, again on edge to prevent buckling. Add an extra person for each 10′ increment.
  • Panels should never be lifted, or picked up, by the ends.
  • Do not drag sheets on the ground or over each other.
  • Westman Steel is not responsible for damage incurred because of improper handling.
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