Westman Steel: Colour Chart

Classic Colours

Antique Linen colour
Antique Linen

QC 8696

Black colour

QC 8262

Bright Red colour
Bright Red

QC 8386

Bone White colour
Bone White

QC 8273

Buckskin colour

QC 9202

Burgundy colour

QC 8011

Cambridge White colour
Cambridge White

QC 8695

Charcoal colour

QC 8306

Coffee colour

QC 8326

Dark Brown colour
Dark Brown

QC 8229

Dark Red colour
Dark Red

QC 8250

Deep Water Green colour
Deep Water Green

QC 8684

Gold colour

QC 8276

Heron Blue colour
Heron Blue

QC 8330

Hickory Moss colour
Hickory Moss

QC 9368

Iron Ore colour
Iron Ore

QC 8614

Ivory colour

QC 8802

Light Stone colour
Light Stone

QC 9367

Medium Green colour
Medium Green

QC 8329

Melcher’s Green colour
Melcher’s Green

QC 8307

Metro Brown colour
Metro Brown

QC 8228

Pacific Turquoise colour
Pacific Turquoise

QC 8258

Regent Grey colour
Regent Grey

QC 8730

Royal Blue colour
Royal Blue

QC 8790

Sapphire Blue colour
Sapphire Blue

QC 8261

Slate Blue colour
Slate Blue

QC 8260

Stone Grey colour
Stone Grey

QC 8305

Tan colour

QC 8315

Tile Red colour
Tile Red

QC 8259

Whistler Green colour
Whistler Green

QC 8093

White White colour
White White

QC 8317

Wrinkle Colours

Chrome Green colour
Chrome Green

QC 9839

Ebony colour

QC 9822

Graphite Grey colour
Graphite Grey

QC 9821

Mahogany colour

QC 9819

Red Oxide colour
Red Oxide

QC 9841

Sepia Brown colour
Sepia Brown

QC 6041

Exotic Colours

Copper Penny colour
Copper Penny

QC 2005

Corten colour

QC 9942

Dark Zinc colour
Dark Zinc

QC 1430

International Orange colour
International Orange

QC 8234

Rustic Red colour
Rustic Red

QC 1426

Silver Mist colour
Silver Mist

QC 8047

Wood Colours

Frontier Cedar colour
Frontier Cedar

QC 4101

Frontier Espresso colour
Frontier Espresso

QC 4100

Colours may not appear exactly as shown and may vary slightly. Not all colours available in the profiles, gauges and coverages shown. Please check with your branch for colour and profile availability.
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